Vision Resources

How does the eye see? What are refractive errors? What is color blindness? Find answers to these questions and get the resources for better vision.


Rows of bright light bulbs on a ceiling causing a visual sensory overload
Sensory overload: A guide for people with low vision

An in-depth, resource-packed guide for dealing with sensory overload if you have low vision.

Is social media making eye contact a rarity?

Our constant need to check social media has made eye contact difficult. Research shows eye contact is important in a conversation, why we avoid and even lay out rules for how to see eye to eye.

How to create a home that accommodates visual impairment and blindness

Learn how to adapt your home if you are visually impaired, including increased lighting, adding color contrast and avoiding patterns.

Back to School Guide for Visually Impaired Children

A little extra preparation can ensure your child thrives in their learning environment.